More than 50 years in service

Who we are

ETEPL was founded in January 1969 under the dynamic leadership of Ajit Kumar Saha. His previous experience with AEI (India), Gresham Transformers (Middlesex, UK) and Johnson & Phillips, Charlton works (London, UK) gave him insight into transformer manufacturing and the latest developments in the technology. He graduated from Bengal Engineering College (Shibpur, West Bengal) in Electrical Engineering with Ambika Charan Gold Medal (Calcutta University, West Bengal) and now a Fellow of Institute of Engineering & Technology (formerly IEE). Our strict control on fixed losses of transformers is based on his research work at Imperial College (London, UK) in Anomalous Losses of Cold Rolled Grain-Oriented Steel.

During the past five decades of our existence in West Bengal, many technical contributors, engineering managers and chartered accountants trained in various disciplines left a mark with their invaluable contributions. This helped us shape the strong culture of excellence and innovation with quality mindset in our company which propelled us to grow into a nationally respected power, distribution and special purpose transformer manufacturer in India.